Shamballa bracelets have been famous for several years and expected to be more popular in the years to come. Many have probably heard about these bracelets but not all are completely familiar with these. When you take a glimpse in these versatile and attractive bracelets and experiment on the on the different components and beads, you will realize that making these bracelets are ultimately amazing. There are different styles of Shamballa bracelets available giving women wider choices.

After several research and studies conducted, the meaning of Shamballa bracelets became clear. In general, these bracelets mean tranquility, peace, and happiness and can be worn for the purpose of meditation, the spiritual path also healing. Some of Shamballa bracelets are added with magnetic beads that are believed to be a cure for pains and aches.

Different Colors and Meanings of Shamballa Bracelets

Before you can fully appreciate the purpose and benefits of wearing these bracelets, you first have to be familiar with the different colors and their corresponding meaning. The different colors of their bracelets and their meaning are outlined below:

Black: The black colored bracelets represent formality, death, power, evil, authority, mystery, strength and elegance.

Red: This color signifies passion, sexuality, reality, stability, security and feeling of mutual support.

White: This color unveils a deep meaning of purity and clarity.

Yellow or Gold: The gold or yellow Shamballa bracelets represent optimism, purpose, self-confidence and will power.

Green: This color also signifies balance and harmony.

Orange: This color pertains to intimacy, sensuality and all other positive aspects of life.

Blue: The color blue symbolizes communication, positive wisdom and creative expression.

Violet: This is a color signifying spirituality. This balances emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self.