what is hamsa jewelry history

Hamsa jewelry is a great and precious luck charm around the world. It is also considered as a good luck charm that comes in the shape of a hand. Three fingers are extended right in the middle, with a pinky finger or curved thumb on both sides. Hamsa jewelry is also believed to protect someone from the mysterious “evil-eye.” Middle Easterners and Jewish people are commonly seen using Hamsa jewelry.
Hamsa is often derived from the word “hamesh,” which means five. It is also referred to as the truth that there are precisely five fingers in the talisman. Others also believed that Hamsa stands for Torah’s five books. At times, Hamsa is also called as the “Hand of Miriam,” after the sister of Moses.

Hamsa is also called as Fatima’s hands, in Islam. This is also to honor one of the beautiful daughters of Prophet Mohammed. Others believed that the five fingers symbolize Islam’s five pillars. On the other hand, many scholars also found that it predates both Islam and Judaism.

As mentioned on Hamsa jewelry, it has three middle fingers and pinky and thumb fingers. They are sometimes curved outwards. At times, they are significantly shorter as compared to the middle fingers. No matter what their shape, the pinky finger and the thumb are always equal.

Apart from being shaped like a strangely formed hand, Hamsa still has an eye that is displayed in the hand’s palm. The eye is even considered as a reliable and powerful talisman in opposition to the evil eye. This eye creates a look that merely results in a person to have bad luck. Often, this look intentionally originates with the person that wears it.

Legends say that people are given special powers and even the ability to radiate the evil eye. As for an average Joe, it is believed that envy is the unintended source of the evil eye.
Other known symbols on Hamsa include Hebrew words and fish. Fish is also immune to its evil eye. However, both of them are useful luck symbols. In such luck theme, luck or mazel is often inscribed in most amulets.

More so, an eye image is also incorporated in Hamsa jewelry. This is actually linked with Islam, wherein the eye is mainly a conventional motif. This is highly popular in most fashion Hamsa pieces of jewelry. Apart from it, “Star of David” is also a Jewish symbol that is used in the past centuries as a means of the protective amulet. Magen David also means a protector or shield that is linked with the defensive power of none other than King David.

Another symbol of Hamsa jewelry is “Aleph-Dalet-Lamed.” This is mainly an accessory that is designed and inscribed along with Hebrew letters. The letters usually have their Kabbalist meaning.
Indeed, Hamsa is included as part of a design in jewelry. Hamsa jewelry can be worn or be displayed as an ornamental element of a home. Whatever your purpose is, Hamsa jewelry is still thought to provide happiness and good luck. That is why it is mostly sought by many consumers.