what is vermeil gold jewelry

Vermeil gold jewelry is formed when gold and sterling silver are combined. They are commonly used as components of pieces of jewelry. For instance, sterling silver is a typical example that is coated with eighteen karats or twenty-four karat gold. For it to be considered as Vermeil, it must have a ten karat (forty percent) and two-point-five micrometers thickness. In other countries and the U.S., sterling silver is covered with base metal or nickel.

 Then plated with gold may not be sold as vermeil gold jewelry without first disclosing its contained base metal.

How Vermeil Gold is Made

Actually, there are Vermeil Gold Jewelries that you can find with three-microns or micrometers. They are plated with gold, but base metal is not often used. Other Vermeil Gold Jewelries are one-hundred percent free from nickel but still can conform to the E.U. and U.S. regulations and standards.

On the other hand, Vermeil comes from the French word that is then adapted by the English language. America is even using the name during the nineteenth century as a substitute for the commonly-termed silver-gilt.

Vermeil is actually produced along the process of electrolysis or fire-gliding. The fundamental operation in fire-gliding was later formed in France. In fire gliding, jewelry makers used to mix gold and mercury on the silver, and then the metal is exposed to extreme heat. In effect, both of them vaporize to stick on the silver.

However, the country prohibited the manufacture of vermeil as artisans developed blindness. The blindness is caused by the mercury being mixed up in the process. During these days, Vermeil is being formed by electrolysis that is far safer as compared to fire gliding. The good thing is that it still produces the same results.

Where it is Found

Regarding the types, gold vermeil is found to have its range of various levels of quality. Pure gold has a higher value of karats, which means of the same quality piece of vermeil gold jewelry. Vermeil is formed through the use of ten-karat, fourteen karats, eighteen-karat, twenty-four karat, or even thirty-two karat gold. Ten-karat gold is considered as the lowest quality while thirty-two karat has the highest quality. Vermeil gold jewelry is also found in various colors, such as tri-color, pink, white, and yellow.

Vermeil gold jewelry is almost the same with pure gold concerning artisanship and appearance. Due to its main component of sterling silver, vermeil gold is significantly more affordable as compared to pre-gold. Due to the reason that gold vermeil may not contain any other metal.

 People who are usually sensitive to nickel or other metals may wear vermeil gold pieces of jewelry safely and comfortably. Due to its growing popularity, there is already a wide range of selections of vermeil gold pieces that you can choose from.


As per considerations, vermeil gold jewelry lasts for several years, even without tarnishing them. However, there is a need to avoid wearing them in the shower or in the bath. Also, use a clean and soft cloth to get rid of oil and dirt from it. Glass cleaner may also provide extra luster.