What Does the Evil Eye Bracelet Mean

Bracelets have always been accessories that people wear to look chic, stylish, and in with the trend. As time passed by, bracelets get worn for other reasons. Maybe, these other reasons were already practiced for a long time. Yet, the passage of time only let this practice became known upon discovery or once it was openly received by people. One of the added reasons why bracelets are now worn aside from being in with the trend is because of the charm it can be associated with. At times, some of these are also worn for the ability of the bracelets to ward off evil, just like the evil eye bracelets. If you ever ask yourself about what the evil eye bracelet mean, it will be the most straightforward answer for that.

The Evil Eye and Its Relation to the Evil Eye Bracelet

To have a better understanding of the answer to the ‘what does the evil eye bracelet mean,’ the concept of the evil eye should be discussed first. There was a belief before in many cultures that some persons possess the ability or have the power to cause bad luck or harm just with their gaze. This belief is referred to as the ‘evil eye.’ Thus, to prevent that, remedies were made to serve as protection. One of the folk remedies made was the evil eye bracelet.

The Meaning of the Evil Eye Bracelet

Using the information above, one can say that the answer to what does the evil eye bracelet means is that it is used to protect a person from the harmful glare. Apart from its use, these bracelets also come as striking accessories.

The evil eye glare means that its supposed power is used in warding off harm or danger that a person with an evil eye can cause to another. The appearance of the bracelet is said to bear a wide-open eye charm that stares out to counter the person’s gaze effectively. There were also hand gestures involved in the folk remedies made against the evil eye. It includes the curved horns, which was also said to help in warding off evil. As such, the emphasis was put on the hands, which now brought the bracelets. Wearing bracelets is said to boost the wearer’s ability to deflect the evil eye using the hands.

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What Does the Evil Eye Bracelet Mean? Variation

As a belief, it is just natural that the evil eye belief became a widespread one during ancient times. Thus, several modifications of the bracelets were also made. The bracelet that bore a staring-eye motif featured either on a string of beads, or an amulet was the most common. The Italian’s charm was a little coarse, however. It was one that used erection symbols and potency. For the Turkish and Greeks, the attractions used incorporated grapes, which was a fertility symbol or horseshoes, which are linked to female fertility and good luck.

Even with these variations, one thing is for sure. That the answer to the question ‘what does the evil eye bracelet mean’ is focused on warding off the effects of the evil eye and that wearing of the charmed bracelet helps in deflecting lousy luck or any harmful results.