What Are Pura Vida Bracelets Made Of

Every business begins somewhere and with a reason. That is what was proven with the Pura Vida Bracelets. If you are watching Hollywood shows, you have at least probably seen one of the celebrities sporting a Pura Vida Bracelet. Today, these bracelets are already making a trend in the fashion world. However, in all those celebrities and individuals proudly sporting the bracelets, have you ever wondered what are Pura Vida bracelets made of?

Wondering about what those colorful bracelets are made of is a thought that would pass your mind one time or another. It may not be now, but later on it will. So, do you have a ready answer to that wondering mind of yours?

Materials: Wax-Coated Strings

For the ‘what are Pura Vida bracelets made of’ question, these bracelets are mainly made of wax-coated strings. Maybe anyone can also make these strings. But, the makers and designers of the bracelets are the only ones who will be able to create uniquely made wax-coated strings.

Where They Come From

Who are these people? They are the Costa Ricans. If you search the web about these bracelets, you surely have seen that these originated in Costa Rica. The bracelets were introduced to the public and now trending in the fashion industry. This happened due to two Californians who celebrated their college graduation in the place and while doing so met a Costa Rican selling the said bracelets. The Californians requested from the Costa Rican for a bunch of bracelets to be made, which they can bring when they return back. It was how the bracelets were brought to the States and became popular.

The bracelets being worn by those celebrities and you can see offered at stores are all handmade. From the name of the bracelets itself, which means pure, each piece is also purely handcrafted. Combined with the simplicity of the bracelet’s beauty, yet a very refreshing one, ‘Pure Life’ can be emphasized out of the bracelets. As what others described, Pura Vida Bracelets are more than just bracelets. Why? As a handcrafted accessory means that it took for a long time for every piece to be completed. This now serves as the journey to simplicity.

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All these pieces are made of simple ones. From the strings used to the other trimmings like the beads and the metals used, all of these are made in simplicity and to appear simple. Yet, in its simple appearance, it is where its unique beauty can be seen.

So, as for what are Pura Vida bracelets made of, each of the bracelets comprised wax-coated strings, beads and metal trimmings for other designs. The metal trimmings can be gold, silver, platinum, copper or any other metal material that can be used to adorn the bracelet.

Adding in the meaning of the bracelet’s name, it now becomes more than just a saying. But, it become as a lifestyle. In every Pura Vida bracelet you will see offered by a store or worn by someone, remember that these are made not just an accessory. It is also made as a means of giving back.