natural soy wax truth

Soy wax candles are easy to come by now, but here are a few facts about some you might see in your quest for perfect candles.

  1. Soy doesn’t mean all natural
    If you ever see a site stating their candles are all-natural soy, check to see what else is added. If they add fragrance oil and color, it’s not all-natural. If there is essential oil instead of fragrance oil, then it’s all-natural.
  2. Soy wax candles don’t mean all soy
    Watch for companies that state they offer soy candles – many on the internet today have only a percent of soy. Most use blends with other waxes and oils added to make the candles “look pretty.”
  3. “Triple Scented” is a myth
    A simple marketing gimmick – there’s no such thing as triple scented in any candle. Only a certain amount of scent can be added to any candle, regardless if it’s soy or not. The reason for this is candle wax is like a sponge and can only handle so much oil.
  4. Novelty candles aren’t made from pure soy
    If you see any types of soy candles that are not in jars, chances are they are made from a blend of waxes or other oils. Soy wax is much too soft to mold or keep the shape.
  5. Soy wax DOES create soot
    While it’s authentic soy wax burns cleaner with LESS black soot, it’s another marketing gimmick to say there is none. The traditional saying goes, wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire. It’s true the other way around too – where there’s fire, there’s smoke.
  6. Soy wax does help promote farming
    This fact you see is genuine! By purchasing soy wax candles, you are supporting American farmers. Soybeans are grown right here in the United States, while paraffin is a “leftover” from manufacturing other products. Other waxes and blends sometimes come from other countries.
  7. Soy wax has a “chunky” look when burned
    If it looks smooth when heated, it’s a blend of other waxes or oils.
    Now that you have the facts, this should make your hunt for a good candle much easier. For details on scented soy candles without color dyes, please visit: