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Why Quilt Patch has been set up to be Your Quilt Patch?

Because this is where you can meet online with other patchwork and quilting enthusiasts who share your interest and passion for this vibrant and creative craft.

However, this is just the start of the many interesting and exciting things that you will do in your quilting process. This site has been specifically created to be an extraordinary place for patchworkers and quilters. It will offer a whole range of facilities and functions, enabling members to get the most out of being part of the colorful and creative world: patchwork and quilting.

For instance

How would you like to have your own virtual Quilt Gallery set up in your unique personal space that is dedicated just to you, where fellow patchworkers could see and admire digital photographs of all your quilts? 

This is only one of the great features that My Quilt Patch gives you in a simple to use format.

How about publishing your Quilting Blog? Your journal enables you to keep your friends posted on your current projects and share your thoughts and ideas. MyQuiltPatch.com allows you to set this up easily and quickly without any technical knowledge whatsoever.

However, this is just the start of what you will get as a member of “My Quilt Patch.” There will also be great content in quilting articles covering a wide range of patchwork and quilting topics and techniques.

There will be a My Quilting Tips’ and an Any Quilting Questions’ section in the “Quilting Forum” where you can pick up all sorts of useful information as well as a “Chat application where you can have an online chat with other quilters and discuss ideas and thoughts on virtually anything relevant to patchwork and quilting

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For the more ambitious, there will also be facilities to put up podcasts and videos should they wish.

“My Quilt Patch” has an initial geographic bias situated in the South West of England. Still, it is hoped that this will rapidly develop and diversify into a truly international community of quilters that will join together to share their knowledge and experience. Together with their achievements and frustrations, but most of all, their enthusiasm and creativity.

We hope that you will find that this site is an exciting and fun place to get involved, so please take the opportunity to come in and look around and then make a corner of My Quilt Patch into Your Quilt Patch.