DIY Crafts stepping stone for garden

I used to be recently browsing Pinterest, in the garden section, when I found a flag on how to generate stepping rocks out of concrete with elephant ear leaves, and I was like, well, I do have several elephant ear leaves that require to be utilized. I can always make use of more stepping stones. Therefore I went for this!

The first step: Assemble components. I grabbed a 10lb bag of Quick-Crete from Lowes, and also a bucket to mix it in. We like Quick-create because what you just have to add is water after which mix and then voila! I laid out a few plastics. Therefore, the parentals couldn’t blame me intended for messing up the outdoor somehow, and then We grabbed a black plastic material trash bag (cut open), which is used to cover the cement while it cures. Finally, We cut two medium-sized hippo ears. *Make sure you set up your space somewhere in which the concrete can sit intended for at least 24 hours, and that’s cold plenty of the concrete doesn’t remedy too rapidly. *

stepping stones for garden
stepping stones for garden step 1


Second step: Add water and mix the concrete! We used an old hands trowel/hoe to combine since it was all. We discovered that I was not worried about becoming caked in concrete. Mix the concrete to the correct consistency; I added even more water, so it was mud-like and simpler to details and mold.

Step 3: Slap on some cement and reach work. We used a single hand to pat and form and the other to either keep the kitty away or scoop away more concrete with the trowel. How thick and what form is total artist’s choice, but it is usually recommended to stay in the least an inch aside from the advantage of the leaf. Be sure to pat the cement to get the airflow bubbles out of this and keep it damp while you’re working this.

making stepping stone for garden
stepping stones step 2

Next step: Cover with the dark trash bag, and DON’T MOVE IT FOR 24 HOURS. I covered mine quite securely and was concerned about the trash handbag touching the concrete; nevertheless, I had to be sure the silly cat didn’t obtain it. *I observed the concrete looked moist where the trash handbag touched, so I have taken out the bag all jointly after about 20 hours. Therefore, it could dry out better*

Step Five: After 24 hours, if the concrete looks cured, the leaf can be taken out, and the stone flipped over, be careful even though, the edges may end up being sharp and breakable. The concrete should then end up being left to cure much longer for 72 hours. Therefore it can be coated or sealed.

making stepping stone for garden
stepping stones step 3

I am probably going to fine sand over the sharp edges and put them in the garden when it halts raining. My father considers they’re too thin and will break when walked on. Next time We might try a bigger leaf and set a thicker layer of tangible down. I like the way they look, although and I might make tinier types out from the caladium leaves when really all of them come up. Overall I’d consider this an achievement.