how to make pillowcase dress step by step

The pillowcase can be made from a wide variety of exciting and attractive fabrics. Get one that you want or the one that suits your tastes and needs, and make it into an exceptional garment. And for the seamstress, this makes one of the easiest and fastest things to sew. However, all of you don’t have to be a skillful seamstress to sew your pillowcase dress. The following tips on how to sew a pillowcase dress can serve as your guide in creating one by yourself.


Get One Or Two Interesting Pillowcases: Find fabrics with fascinating colors and textures. You might get sexy satin, wacky or lacy 70s prints. Vintage linen is particularly fun. Just look around at thrift stores and garage sales to find what you want.

Know Your Wants: To whom you are making the pillowcase dress will widely change the quantity of fabric you want. Once the pillowcase dress is for your kid, then you have to consider a measuring guideline.

Get Materials Ready: Pillowcase dresses are one of the simplest kinds of dresses to do as they need the least amount of sewing. Assign your creating place, make sure that the working area is wide enough to do the project, and gather all the materials needed, such as scissors, pillowcase, ribbon, and bias binding. The length and size of the ribbon and pillowcase will be based on the person who will use it.

Step By Step

1. Trim open the congested end: Utilize fabric and sharp scissors to begin turning the potato sack into something more fashionable.

2. Then cut bent openings. You have to do this like the first step.

3. Fold in half the pillowcase before sewing to trim reflected openings.

4. Use other dresses for guides, or if you are confident, you can cut it without any reference.

5. Hem the bent openings. If you want to make a sleeveless pillowcase dress, never hem the back and front as one.

6. Sew a covering at the end and from the pillowcase dress. Utilize an iron to compress the material before stitching to make sure a balanced cover for the ribbon.

7. Drag a ribbon in each part of the covering. It requires being of an adequate distance to pull in the dress and know at the shoulder.

8. Know the ribbon to produce stars. Assemble the dress depends on the range of the one who will use it.

9. Knot another ribbon, if desires you can sash it in the waist. It must wrap in the region of the natural waistline.

10. Trim open the tight end. Ensure it suits over the head and in the hips.

11. Fold and stitch the covering. Once you complete the dress, this follows similar practices. Fold the trim end at least 1 inch or 1 to make way for the drawstring.

12. Drag a drawstring through the covering, and then adjust it to the waist of the wearers. Fasten a pin to the last part of the string to guide it in the way you have made.

To make the pillowcase more attractive and appealing, you can put in some embellishments you want to make this dress your signature design. You can buy decoration online.