DIY Snow Globes

Snow globes are one of the best décors in your house, especially during the cold season. It has attractive and impressive features that will entice you to purchase it. You can actually place it in any parts of your house due to the manageable size of it. Aside from that, it also contains eye-catchy character and falling elements inside of it. The typical container that it is being placed is in a fragile or glass type container. This must be put in a higher and safe place where children can never reach it.

If you don’t have plenty of funds to acquire a snow globe, you can also make it with your own effort and materials. How to make homemade snow globes? Well, it is so easy to create it. You must first have the needed materials. These materials are already available in your house, so you will not require yourself to spend a significant amount of money to make one.

Materials to Make Snow Globes

• Sandpaper.

• Synthetic evergreen tips.

• Oil-based or optional enamel paint.

• Glass jar.

• Clear-drying epoxy.

• Glycerin.

• Glitter.

How to Make Homemade Snow Globes

1. Look for a clean and sufficient size of the jar. If you don’t have a colored glass container, you can paint it with enamel oil-based paint.

2. Sand the inside part of the lid with the use of the sandpaper. Continue it until the cover is clean. After that, with the use of your clear-drying epoxy. Paste the figurine or a particular character in the lid and leave the epoxy until it dries.

3. Put the container lots of water, and it must fill up the entire surface of the container. Add a dash of glycerin and glitter inside of it. The glycerin can maintain the glitter from falling fast. Avoid utilizing too much glycerin because most of the glitters inside the glass container will stick in the lid. When the glitters and glycerin perfectly mix, put the top along with the figurine in the bottle. It would help if you did it correctly to prevent the water from coming out. After that, turn the jar on its opposite standing position. This only means that the lid or cover of it will be the base.

4. When you set it up and down, you will see that the season inside of it is the winter season. And it looks so lovely to see.

Homemade snow globe are enjoyable to do. Through the use of your effort and cute pieces of stuff, you can already make it. The steps of it are so easy to understand and follow. Aside from that, the materials needed in this process can usually be seen inside your house. However, be careful about utilizing glycerin to avoid mistakes and the existence of problems. With the steps above, you will never ask yourself how to make homemade snow globes. You can also do it with your friends or members of your family. Because it is so easy to do, you can finish it without spending 1 or 2 hours.