How to Wear a Mink Stole

What is a Mink Stole?

The mink stole refers to the women’s clothing item which is the same with an evening wrap or shawl. This is typically narrower and smaller than the shawl but is wider compared to a scarf. It is often rectangular in shape and long even though other stoles have been triangular instead.

Most of the time, this is made of an American mink fur and is usually lined with other fabrics or silk. The stole is worn by wrapping it around your shoulders. Most women even prefer wearing it over some formal wear or gowns. The fur that is used in a mink stole came from an American mink. This is a carnivorous and small mammal found in North American areas. This is related to that of European mink which fur can be used in making garments. The American mink is related to weasels, wolverines and otters. Due to the fur’s natural softness and shine, minks are usually raised on different fur farms for them to be harvested to make clothing.

The domestic minks that have been raised on farms were typically larger compared to the wild counterparts. For this reason, they yield more fur. These minks can be bred in order to become black, white or any colors in between. On the other hand, the wildest mink has dark brown color. The US has been a part of the largest milk pelts producers behind China, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

Wearing Your Mink Stole

There are some important things to consider when learning how to wear a mink stole. It is advised that you should follow all the necessary things to be able to show your own fashion statement. Take note of the following tips on how to wear a mink stole.

The very first thing to do is to examine your stoles which one will complement. Think how you are going to wear the stole and fabric, details and colors are essential factors to consider.

It is important to know determine the most appropriate style of your mink stole. You already know what you should wear it with. Thus, start shopping and if there is no store near your place that sell stoles, you can look for boutiques online for more options.

Determine which one fits right. Mink stoles are actually made “one-size-fits-all” but remember that larger stoles overwhelm the appearance of a petite woman. If you are going to formal events, you should not wear large stoles.

The mink stole has been suitable with the dress that has spaghetti straps or strapless neckline. Neutral shades such as champagne and blush have been flattering while they add warm glow into your face. The bold shades such as cerulean blue and canary yellow can make the statement over the cocktail dress with simple sheath. You may adorn yourself with accessories (customer or fine) as well as heels.

There are more ways to wear a mink stole. And learning how to wear a mink stole will help decide for the color and design you want for an event.