How to Wear a Claddagh Ring the Right Way

Some individuals are curious on “how to wear a Claddagh ring the right way” should take note of the given details in this content. This way, they will be more confident to wear their Claddagh ring and that they will be able to give the real value of this thing while wearing it. Any kind of jewelry should not only be worn because of its physical beauty. It is always important that the person wearing it should know its essence and value. This is due to the fact that it serves as the personal statement of most people.

If you got a Claddagh ring, you are fortunate enough, most especially when somebody else gave it to you. Your personal knowledge about how to wear a Claddagh ring the right way will make it more sentimental and meaningful.

What is Claddagh Ring?

Claddagh ring refers to the traditional Irish ring which has been representing loyalty, friendship and love. The heart is representing love, the crown stands for loyalty, and the hands symbolize friendship. The customs and designs that are integrated in it came from the Claddagh fishing village which is situated outside Galway’s old city walls which is now a part of the Galway City.

Claddagh rings belong to the European finger ring group called “fede ring”. The term “fede” was derived from an Italian phrase “mani in fede” which means hands joined in loyalty, or hands joined in faith. It is considered as a very famous style of ring. These are usually given as a gift from girlfriends or boyfriends, a spouse, close friends, or a fiancé which implies that the ring represents a shared relationship and important person.

Proper Way of Wearing It

First of all, you have to know your status if you have been married, single or in a relationship. The relationship status will determine how you are going to wear this ring.


Most single people who wear it means that they are open to other or new persons. To emphasize your single status, you should wear a Claddagh ring with its heart facing out (end of the finger). It indicates that you hold your heart out into the world and that you welcome new relationship. Put it on your right hand specifically on your ring finger.

In a Relationship

If you are in a relationship, there is another way of wearing a Claddagh ring. This implies that your heart has been taken or closed. Wear it with its heart facing towards your hand (inwards). Wear this ring on your right hand, on your ring finger.


To indicate that you were already engaged, wear your Claddagh ring on your ring finger (right hand) with its crown that faces inward toward the wrist. During a wedding ceremony, this ring must be worn on ring finger on the left hand in order to symbolize joining of 2 hearts.


Wear this ring with its crown that faces outward on the left hand, on your ring finger. It must be moved from the right hand’s ring finger going to the left hand ring finger during the wedding.