How to make Quilted Pot Holders

For homeowners, it is significant that you have well-built potholders in your kitchen. Potholders are substantial as they protect your hand from the burn. It also keeps your table clean and free from dirt. There are times that they add more beauty to your kitchen that will encourage you to cook delicious foods. Potholders have colorful cloth that makes them more useful. It would help if you had potholders in your kitchen because they really provide essential benefits as they meet your needs and demands.

How to make quilted potholders? This is usually the question asked by most homeowners who have lots of used cloth in their house. Potholders are generally made of used fabric, so if you have plenty of unused clothes in your cabinet. You can use them as a significant material in creating a potholder. This way, you can save money and time. There’s no need for you to search the steps on how to develop quilted potholders anymore because your need will be answered here. The steps to follow in doing this job are all mentioned below. These steps were made simple so that you and other people can easily understand and get the idea they provide.

1. Choose your preferred fabric that you can use in creating quilted potholders. They should be with attractive color and design so that they will give your kitchen new beauty. Cut a cloth that measures 8 by 8 inches squares and 8 by 8 inches squares for the quilt batting.

2. Level the squares along with the batting in the middle portion. The two pieces of your chosen fabric should face the sides. Pin the layers with the use of quilting pins. It would help if you started in the middle, and when you are finished in the middle portion of the cloth, you must continue pinning on the outside edge. This way, wrinkles will be avoided.

3. Make a quilting pattern like a diamond shape by putting an “X” mark. You can only set an “X” mark with the use of a ruler and fabric pencil. Mark the lines similar to the centerline. Each target should be 1 inch in size.

4. Stitch up the line through utilizing the neutral-colored thread. Start sewing a diagonal line in the center and continue on the parallel path. After that, repeat that process but, you must start in the opposite diagonal line (center). This process will help you in creating a diamond shape quilting pattern.

5. Trim a strip of bias tape that measures 34 inches long. Make use of a quilting pin in pinning the bias tape in the region of the potholder edge but, you should start in the first corner. There should be an additional 2 inches in the fourth corner. After that, topstitch the bias tape and fold the extra 2 inches section of the bias tape so that it will create a loop. This loop will help you in hanging your potholder. Sew the loop tightly so that the thread will never lose.