origami step by step instructions

Origami is a fun hobby for many, especially for Japanese people. Origami is a Japanese word. It is a combination of the word “oru” which means folding and “Kami” which means paper. As the name suggests, this is a paper folding stuff.

In origami, a plain paper can come alive through the forms it will get from paper folding. One can make animals, flowers, everyday objects, containers, and many more out of plain or colored paper. This is technically an art of folding papers. Here you will get some of the techniques in origami, and what you will get here today is a step-by-step guide on how to make an origami Pin Wheel.


1. Get a square piece of colored paper. Fold it diagonally in both ways and then unfold it. You should then see an X mark.

2. Fold the paper by joining all the corners towards the center. This is also known as blintz fold. Then, unfold it again.

3. After that, fold it crosswise. The crease should fall exactly at the middle of the square making two rectangles of the same size. The crest will serve as a guide so unfold it again afterwards.

4. Fold the sides towards the guide at the middle. Join the two sides of the rectangle making a sort of a French door opening. At last, you will maintain the fold and you don’t have to unfold it.

5. Look at the top diagonal creases. Pull it up and using your finger, pinch them in order for them to stick-up. After that, pull them down into the middle.

6. Turn the paper around and then do step number 5 on the unfolded part of the paper.

7. Take then the left flap and fold it over. Do it on the three other flaps and you’re done.

8. You can now use your origami pinwheel.

Additional Ideas Origami Things

You can use the pinwheel in several applications. Here are some ideas about where to use your origami pinwheel.

Card decoration – You can paste the origami pinwheel to cards as additional décor. You can also draw anything as another effect. You can draw a tower to make it a windmill, or you can draw a stem to make it look like a flower. It’s up to you. Be creative.

Garden decoration – If there is a celebration, you can use the origami pinwheel as an added attraction to your party. They will correctly work most, especially if there is a soft breeze. Make a lot of pinwheel in various colors and sizes.

Festival decorations – Get a rope and tie the origami pinwheel up. Use different kinds of colors to make it livelier. You can also choose colors that will match the theme of the festive celebration.

There are a lot of forms that you can do with origami. You can check out the internet for more instructions and step-by-step guides. There are also free e-books on how to master origami. It’s just that it will take some time to get the best one.