handmade soap making without lye

Making soap while at home has been an incredible and exciting way to save extra money. However, most recipes require using lye to come up with homemade soap. Keep in mind that lye has not been a safe chemical around. The excellent advice is that you can now learn how to make handmade soap without lye through following this guide.

Consider these simple tips in making pure homemade soap without using lye. See how it can cause significant essence to your daily living.
It has been easier to make soap bars without lye along with glycerin soap base and soap crafter. You may utilize other items such as dry yogurt cups, cream cheese containers, molds, juice boxes, etc. You can even add essential oil for scent also. Glycerin base (1 lb.) yields about five soap bars when you poured melted glycerin base (3 ounces) into every mold.

• Rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle
• Molds
• Vegetable oil
• Metal spoon
• Essential oil (optional)
• One pound of glycerin soap base (cut it into ½ inch pieces)
• Double boiler (double boiler system)

• Put oil inside the molds with a vegetable oil.
• Put the pieces of glycerin soap to the double boiler. Then, slowly melt it while gently stirring over a medium to high heat. Never overheat.
• After the glycerin has been dissolved, please remove it from the heat. Stir in the essential oil slowly and pour it into molds. When there is a presence of bubbles in your soap, let them rise into the molds surfer and lightly spray them with a rubbing alcohol.
• Next, set these molds aside for 30 minutes and put them in the freezer for almost one hour.
• Take it from the fridge and gently press the molds’ side to loosen your soap. Then, press the molds’ button area for releasing the soap.
• Wrap every bar of soap in the plastic and store this in the cold and dry place. Could you wait until it is ready for use?

Steps to Constructing Soap

This is just one simple step of making homemade soap without lye. If you want to know the other steps in making pour and melt soap bars, take note of the details below:

  1. Cut a block of soap in 1-inch cubes. Then, heat your crockpot on a low temperature and put the soap. Let it melt completely.
  2. Stir your soap to ensure that it vanished altogether. Put coloring one drop at a time and stir it until well mixed. It will be better when you put a tiny drop.
  3. Put the fragrance or essential oil and have it stirred to mix up.
  4. Put the other ingredients desired like ground oatmeal and fine clay to come up with a soothing and exfoliant soap. The flower petals have also been attractive for the soap.
  5. Pour in the molds and let it cool for about 24 hours.
  6. Unmold your soap and let it dry on air.
    For this process, the things needed are spoon, 2 lbs. of melt-and-pour soap, crockpot, additives, measuring spoons and cup, essential oil (fragrance oil or perfume).