how to make gourd birdhouse

Birdhouses that are made from gourds have been a fun and exciting wintertime craft. It also does an incredible project with your kids. There have been numerous varieties of gourds that can make unusual birdhouses. Some can be purchased at the market of the local farmer. Sometimes, you may grow your own. When you want to know how to make gourd birdhouses, then this is the place to visit.

Today, you are going to learn about a fantastic method of making gourd birdhouses. This time, you have to prepare the following items:
• Dry gourds
• Drill
• Sandpaper or sander
• One inch Forstner bit
• All-weather paint
• Length of wire or cord for every gourd
• Smaller eye screw that will be used for every gourd

To get started, take note of the following steps:

  1. Sand
    This is the initial step in cleaning up your gourds. The electric sander can speed up the process; however, sandpaper also works well. Whenever you are done, these gourds must get lighter in terms of color and should be smooth. After cleaning those gourds, find the stem and sand them down. Leave a small nub for integrated an eye bolt.
  2. Drill
    The next step in learning how to make gourd birdhouses is to utilize one inch of Forstner bit. Drill the hole in your gourd’s central cavity. It serves as an entrance for the guests. This time, you may get several dried interior flesh, and seeds but see to it that you will leave some seeds inside. The legend is that this can attract birds into the next in your birdhouse. Drill the small pilot hole found in a remaining stem; put in your eye screw.
  3. Paint
    The third important step in this process of making gourd birdhouses is to paint it. Painting depends on your own style. You can finish them using a clear sealant. The sealant or paint’s protective coating helps the birdhouse stay for a more extended period regardless of the types of seasons it encounters. Hanging your gourds from eye hooks as you paint, it can be a very convenient method of reaching the whole surface.
  4. Hang
    It is the final step to take in making gourd birdhouses. Look for a particular spot in the eyeshot of the porch or window. Hang the birdhouses with the use of a length of cord or wire. This can eventually catch many inhabitants, even for a more extended time.

This is just one possible step in learning how to make gourd birdhouses. Through this guide, you can easily and quickly create one for you.

Follow every detail of the process to ensure that you will receive the best results in the end, and that is to attract more birds in your birdhouse.