bargelo quilt

Bargello quilt is ideal for beginner quilters. This is easy to sew because the seams are straight. Usually, bargello quilt has many shades of similar colors that range from dark to light and are stilt as one. Bargello quilt provides the notion of waterfalls that can be improved using various shades of blue.


Fold the materials in part width-wise and trim two strips from every shade of material. Make sure that the strip must be two in one half inches wide.

Set up six strips from dark to light. Tie them as one. Go over with the other strips. This will give two striped units. Afterward, iron the two groups in one direction.

Each unit creates a tube through folding it in two along the seam with the right parts together. Then sew the dark strip first and afterward the light strip as one. This will give you an in and out of the tube. Go over with 2nd unit.

Trim across the tube to create new strips that contain each color. Trim two strips that measure 4 ¾ inches wide, 3 strips that measure 3 inch wide, four strips that measure two inches wide, four strips that measure one and one half inches wide, four strips that measure one and one eight inches wide and ten strips that measure 7/8 inches wide.
Utilize the layer ripper to untie the tubes and create long strips. Go on creating long strips through working your channel down the scale of color with every strip. Ensure to keep the strips in a proper place to have stress free sewing.
Sew the strip 1 first to strip 2 with the right parts as one. Use safety pins at every seam to keep the material in the right place while sewing. Go on sewing the stripe as one in order till you have pulled together the whole quilt top.
Utilizing the border material, trim two strips, ensure that every strip measures 4 and one half inches wide in the size of the quilt. Stilt these strips to the bottom and top of the bargello quilt. Push the seams towards the rim. Evaluate the areas and trip another two strips that measure 4 and one half inches wide in the area of measurement. Stilt one strip on every area of the bargello quilt and push the seam toward the rim.

Measure the width and length of the top of the quilt and then trim the supporting fabric two inches bigger. Put the backing material right side behind on an even work surface like a large table.
To attach the quilt, collapse the raw corners of the bargello quilt supporting material towards the quilt and then press. Collapse them and allow the collapsed edge to cover the top of the quilt by 1/4 inch partly. Stitch all through the corners of the bargello quilt.
Following these steps of making the bargello quilt will help you produce a kind quilt. Make sure to pay attention to the measurements, though.