anglican prayer beads

Anglicanism is considered as an old tradition within Christianity. It comprises the “Church of England” and all the other churches that are considered to have similar beliefs, same church structures, same worship practices and those that are tied to them. Anglican is a word that means ecclesia anglicana in Latin and also means English Church. Anglicans are those people who believe in Anglicanism.

Like Catholics, a lot of Anglican all across the globe are using prayer beads for Christ-centered reflection and prayer. Rev. Bauman and a prayer group called Episcopalian designed a concept which is now known as the prayer beads of the Anglican to support their contemplative prayer. The form is something similar to the Roman Catholic’s Rosary and the Orthodox’s Jesus Prayer Rope. However, the prayer technique and the number of beads used are a little bit different.

The Anglican Prayer beads is consisting of 33 pieces of beads which symbolizes the age of Jesus. 28 of the beads are separated into 4 groups. Each group contains seven beads which symbolizes the seven days of the week. Another 4 beads divide the 4 groups to make a cross like formation. A single bead separates the cross and the beads circle and it serves as the invitatory prayer. The Anglican prayer beads are used to enrich their prayers. Here you can get some ideas on how to make Anglican beads.

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Instructions in Making Anglican Beads

1. You can begin by crafting the design of the beads that you will use. You can customize the design of the beads so as long as you have a total of 33 beads and accent beads that will be used to individualize the rosary, you can start creating one.

2. Measure the length of the beading wire that you will use. Make it a little bit longer, probably 4 to 5 inches to make the beading simpler and easier. Cut it with a cutter then tape the other end into the beading board or you can tie it to avoid the bead from slipping off.

3. After inserting the right amount of beads for the first week, tie the beading wire to secure it. Insert the cruciform bead then continue with the following set of beads.

4. After inserting the four cruciform beads and after completing the 4 sets of beads uniformly, you can then remove the tape on the beading board carefully. Pick up the end of the wire carefully without letting the beads from slipping. Make a knot securing both ends of the beading wire. Pull it tight ensuring that there is no gap between the beads.

5. After that, insert the invitatory bead on the wire. Insert the cross and tie it carefully. Make sure that you cut the excess bidding wire for a beautiful presentation.

Hopefully, you gained some important tips here on how to make Anglican Prayer Beads. This simple hand crafted rosary can give inspiration and hope to many so be passionate and sincere in creating one.