how to make piranha paracord

A Piranha Paracord Bracelet is a cool thing to do when you have a minute of your day. It can also play a significant role in times of critical needs. Though scenarios like that are rare to happen, however, who knows? Paracords are known for their remarkable strength and durability isn’t right? That’s why it is an important thing to have. Anyway, before you get your tips on how to make one. Get first the definition of it, only here on this page.

A Piranha Paracord Bracelet is an accessory that is woven with various techniques and designs out of colorful paracord. It is also known as bracelets for survival, parachute piranha cord bracelets, and 550cord bracelets. They are also considered as a survival tool by many. Most of the users of the said bracelets are campers, hikers, climbers, survivalists or anyone who just want to wear it most especially those who are outgoing persons. Technically, you can also consider this as a multi-purpose must-have-thing because it can be a survival tool whilst it is a good fashion accessory as well. The Piranha Paracord Bracelets is composed of paracord durable strands which can offer you enough cord to use around with whenever the need arises.

You can do this overnight actually and this is really a fun thing to do. You will just need a few materials and tools and there, you’re good to make tons of Piranha Paracord bracelets.

Materials Needed:

• Paracord (about 7 – 10 ft of durable paracord)
• Scissors
• Lighter (don’t worry! You’re not gonna burn it up all)
• Buckle that will serve as a lock
• Paracord jig (optional material)

Procedures on How to Make Piranha Paracord Bracelets

1. Prepare the materials. Make sure to clean the working area to avoid messy working.

2. Prepare the Paracord. You can use multi colored paracord for this project. You can use two colors or single colors. The design will greatly depend in your taste.

3. Cut a foot long paracord to use as your base. Melt both ends using your butane lighter. Be careful with this step. Just set your lighter to a medium flame. You will not need much of fire to melt it.

4. After melting both ends and you are sure that the tiny strands will not mess around, string the cord on the other half of the buckle.

5. When you’re done, follow it up making the weave. For the weave technique, you can apply the cobra weave.

6. Do the weave through this manner: get the cord in the right part and make it pass through the center.

7. Get the paracord in the left, go under the cord in the right and through the center.

8. Do the procedure number 6 and 7 in a repeated manner until you reached the desired length of the bracelet.

9. When you are done, string it to the other half of the buckle and properly secure it.

10. After that, you can then wear it and show it to the rest of the world.

It’s not that tough to make it right? You can also make tons of it in different color and variation and you can sell it to your friends. You can make that as a productive hobby of yours. Good luck and have a good one.