Perhaps you are planning to purchase high quality decorations for your home. Are you aware that you can have a magnolia wreath leaf without spending tens to hundreds of dollars? Magnolia leaf wreath is very gorgeous, but costly when you purchase one that is already made. This article can be your guide to know how to make magnolia leaf wreath fast in a convenient and cost effective way.

Wreaths don’t need to be fluffy or full to be attractive and striking. Try making a simple yet stunning wreath using a freshly trim magnolia leaves. To make magnolia wreath leaf, you will need 12 inches foam wreath, twenty to thirty preserved or fresh magnolia leaves that have been dried, glue stick and glue gun, ribbon, and scissors.


Gather Magnolia Leaves
You can find magnolia leaves everywhere during the month of December. It is also important to do it with your kids or whole family as this an ideal form of bonding activity. Ensure that the leaves are in good condition, meaning there is no hole and it should be firm and with equal sizes.

Trim and Glue Magnolia Leaves
Using a scissor, one by one trim off the base of the magnolia leaves. Apply paste to the back portion of one magnolia leaf and paste it to the foam wreath. Hold it for a second until the paste or glue cools. Leave the first row of magnolia leaves at the top without putting glue, so the last row of magnolia leaves could be tucked below them. It is suggested to utilize fresh or preserve leaves which are flexible for this plan.

Go on Gluing Leaves
Put glue to magnolia leaf one by one and attach it and make sure it is place appropriately allowing every leaf to partly cover the leaves adjacent to and under it. The outline can be specific and outline. Cover entire parts of the foam wreath, in order for you to hang it in front of your mirror or on your chair back.

Make sure that when covering the side part of the wreath, you have to place the leaves to have a seam in the center. This will avoid magnolia leaves from vending.

Finish Putting Leaves and Sling Wreath
Tuck the last row of magnolia leaves underneath the tilts of the preliminary row and put glue under the leaf to position it properly. Get rid of some glue gun string and loop a double sided and wide satin ribbon in finished wreath to sling.

This is a simple wreath, so it is perfect to put above the mirror, at the back of chair, or on your door You can add embellishments to your wreath to make it more appealing and personalized such as different colors of glitters on the corners. This also helps in enhancing the looks of your magnolia wreath especially when hit by a light. Adding silver bells and red ribbon will also make your wreath exceptional and attractive. Why spend more money when you can create your own magnolia leaf wreath using this simple steps?