how to clean tarnished silver

The silver plate may not be the most popular gift for newlyweds. However, it still stands as the most durable and classic presents that you can give to a married couple. The silver plate comes in various sizes. As a circumstance of experience, you can find lots of different quality brands regardless of where you from. 

Silver plates are prone to tarnishing primarily if it is placed in a damp area. Once it happens, before opting for various methods, you have to consider the natural way of cleaning.

The tarnished silver plate is due to the reaction between sulfur and silver. The black silver sulfide covers the silver, darkening and dulling the surface. Bring back your silver plate that tarnishes without polishing. 

Washing soda or baking soda along with aluminum foil transmits the stain from the silver plate to the foil without any harsh action. 

This process utilizes an electrochemical reaction to restore tarnished silver plate to a shiny and bright finish.

Materials Needed to Clean Tarnished Silver Plate

• Large pot

• Large plastic dish or basin

• Aluminum foil

Step by Step Instructions

Step #1

Fill a pan with one gallon of cold water, then put the kettle on the electric stove and switch it on. Allow the water to boil.

Step #2

Remove a piece of aluminum foil with a similar dimension as the glass basin and dish. Place the aluminum on the base of the bowl or bowl.

Step #3

Set the stained silver plate into the aluminum foil.

Step #4

Eliminate the pan from the stove. Stir in one cup baking soda or a small amount of washing soda using a plastic or wooden spoon.

Step #5

After stirring 1 cup of baking soda, dispense the hot water over the pieces and leave it for about fifteen minutes.

Step #6

Place on a rubber glove and get rid of the silver plate from the water. Rinse it under running water and clean it using a soft material.

This procedure might require to be performed a couple of times to clean a very tarnished silver plate.