How Much Does A Pergola Cost

A Pergola can be the perfect enhancement to a home. Made out of a kind wood, the Pergola is usually placed outside the back door or patio of a house. Held aloft by wooden beams, the Pergola consists of some wooden beams placed horizontally. 

The wood beams are treated and coated for their protection. The end result is both a shaded and open screening from the sun. Because of the style, there has been a recent spike in people getting Pergolas of their own. If you are interested in owning a Pergola of your own, then your first question will probably concern the price. 

Let’s break it down to understand correctly what you are paying for when you buy a Pergola.

So, how much does a pergola cost to build? Let’s find out!


The first thing to consider when asking how much does a pergola cost is to find the size. Pergolas come in several different sizes, depending on the space you are looking to fill. A standard 8 X 16 foot Pergola will cost roughly 3 to 4 thousand dollars. This price continues to increase as the area covered increased. In comparison, a 14 X 20 foot will cost between 5500 and 4500 dollars.


Pergolas are made of wood. Though some people have substituted the wood for other cheaper materials (like plastic), people argue that the look isn’t the same. As a result, wood is almost always wood. Wood is a versatile, and depending on your source and type, cheap construction material. The price will increase if you want a fancier wood.

Construction Cost:

Some Pergolas can be constructed by you and come in kits. Other people decide to customize their pergolas. While this can be good for fitting a Pergola into a tight space, it will cost additional money in construction costs. Construction for a Pergola usually runs between 300 to 500 dollars, depending on who you ask. If nothing else, shop around for estimates before settling.


One last thing to consider is shipping costs for the materials. Whether this is the cost in gas for your truck or the shipping costs associated with moving the materials through a provider, shipping costs can quickly add up.

Putting it All Together

On Average, the total cost for a Pergola is around $5,000.