In the battle between Fein Multimaster and Rockwell Sonicrafter, there are a few things you’re going to want to keep in mind. While the Fein Multimaster scores some early points for having a strong, established reputation, you certainly don’t want to disregard what the Rockwell Sonicrafter can do.

By carefully researching both of your options, you may find that the Rockwell Sonicrafter is the better call for your needs over the Fein Multimaster. One thing that is undoubtedly true is that you don’t want to choose one over the other blindly.

Multimaster vs. Sonicrafter

As you try to decide Fein Multimaster vs. Rockwell Sonicrafter, here are some things that are worth keeping in mind:

1. One of the biggest problems with the Fein Multimaster is the price tag. No matter where you ultimately purchase this product, you can expect to pay a decent chunk of change. This fact alone can compel people to begin looking for more affordable options.

2. The Rockwell Sonicrafter is one of these affordable options.

3. Both the Rockwell Sonicrafter and the Fein Multimaster have cord-based and battery-powered options.

4. Both products lose points for having blades that do not offer a long shelf life. No matter which product you decide to purchase, you’re probably going to find yourself having to buy replacement blades on a reasonably consistent basis. As you can imagine, that’s going to get expensive in a hurry.

5. In terms of the modules themselves, you’ll find that the Multimaster blades are more expensive than the Sonicrafter blades. However, you can purchase cheaper blades for the Multimaster. With the Sonicrafter, you’re stuck with the cheaper blades.

6. It’s worth mentioning that because the Rockwell Sonicrafter is a more affordable option than that of the Fein Multimaster, you’re going to sacrifice a little in the way of manufacturer quality. That means the Sonicrafter is not going to be as well built as the Multimaster. You’re going to find a significant quality control difference between these two products.

7. In terms of its cutting, grinding, and sanding capabilities, you’re going to find that the Rockwell Sonicrafter is pretty competitive against the Fein Multimaster.

With the Rockwell Sonicrafter and the Fein Multimaster, you’re going to find several components to weigh. There are certainly good and bad points that you’ll want to consider. Even so, your two most significant deciding factors will come down to price or efficiency. If you wish to the best functioning device on the market, go with the Multimaster. Otherwise, choose the Sonicrafter.