5 Ways Buying American Made Helps the Environment

How to be Green by Buying Red, White, and Blue?
Buy made in the USA to go Green

One of my greatest motivators for adopting a local buy way of life is to protect the environment. The United States remains the world’s top emitter of CO2 gas. That means our country bears the most responsibility for contributing to pollution and global warming worldwide. Therefore, it should be our responsibility also to lead the movement for change. What better time than Earth Day?

Lessons from the Lorax for Earth DayOne of the easiest ways consumers can go green is to buy local. The economic advantages of buying products made in the USA are quite distinct, yet the environmental impact is equally substantial. To commemorate Earth Day time, here are five reasons buying American made assists the environment. This Sunday, consider buying red, white, and blue to go green for Earth Day!

One: Smaller carbon footprint

Adopting a “buy local” way of life has many benefits.. Buying a locally made product means the item is shipped a shorter distance. This uses less energy in the form of fossil fuels and reduces the number of emissions generated. Less transport does mean something requires less packaging.

Two: Greater environmental regulations

Products made in the united states are made under enforceable guidelines that protect our water, weather, and land. Whenever we outsource our manufacturing abroad, we happen to be outsourcing our pollution as well.

Three: Safer products

Toxins like business lead and chromium, commonly within household goods, not merely threaten our health and wellness, they contaminate the environment. American made goods are at the mercy of stricter testing regulations.

Four: Less waste

Investing in more quality, resilient products save waste in comparison to buying disposable products that require to be replaced frequently. Choosing American made can help you save money in the long term.

Five: Investment on a greener future

Buying sustainably produced American manufactured products helps support an evergrowing career sector: green technology. This consists of products and services applied for pollution control, waste material management, recycling, and tidy, renewable energy sourcing.

What would you enhance the list? What guidelines do you take to secure the environment? Do you consider the US is ahead in the green movements, and what can we carry out to boost? Happy Earth Day!